Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

surpreme couching

lulu left buenos aires. today. the end of an incredible era just began. santiago is gonna leave in two days. kiia, the finlandesa, left last week. things keep changing, next monday a girl from holand is gonna move in. and supposably in august a girl from denmark arrives in la madriguera in august.

and there is a new couch. tremendous changes.. we just left jobs bar, the goodbye party of santiago, and found a couch on the streets. well.. i wouldnt fall in love with a couch someone just declared to be garbage, but the guys did. of couse. how could they eventually leave a couch just stand around somewhere in recoleta, buenos aires?? so they carried it home, put it in the ascensor, now its being around. in the living so far, supposably its being moved to the balcony soon.

well. lets stick to the basics. lulu and kiia left. some days passed by that we all seven spent together which was unique enough; today i said goodbye meet ya in europe to lulu. what was what she told me half a year ago in ezeiza international airport buenos aires?! think about it. lifes crazy.

i love these people. lets see what happens to the new couch.

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